The detection of cells in firearms and melee weapons (daggers, knives, razors, etc.) through a bioluminescence reaction is performed by ATP detecting using a portable luminometer Hygiena SystemSURE plus.

This technology will allow the coroner to obtain genetic material on the trigger of a firearm, gloves shooters, cable knives, daggers, etc., after the use of these types of weapons or accessories to crimes against life.

In these situations the collection of fingerprints in most cases can not be performed satisfactorily for the elucidation of the crime of murder, attempted murder or on victims subjected to various types of injury.


A technology based on the phenomenon of bioluminescence

How Bioluminescent Organisms Produce Energy

Lampyris noctiluca or firefly

This energy is detected by the reaction of ATP present in the cells of the hands with the luciferin-luciferase system, in the presence of oxygen and the magnesium ion (II), using a portable luminometer brand Hygiena SistemSure Plus expressing measures photon emission in URL..

Reação de Bioluminescencia

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