• About us

    More than two decades dedication in chemical research forming human resources of international level.

    Scientific research and technological provision of services to meet the strategic demands of Brazilian society.

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  • Brazilian Luminol

    Detection occult blood in unit hospitals, odontological, fridges and scenes of crimes against life.

    Product made in Brazil and patented.

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  • Course: New Technologies of Forensic Sciences

    Target Audience: Experts criminal, police and research workers of the security and defense forces.

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  • Active Projects

    Use of Luminol in hospital environments.
    Synthesis of SIRT1 and an antimalarial.
    Captopril test quality.
    Antifouling paint.

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The Laboratory of Synthesis and Analysis of Strategic Products (Lasape) is located in the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, UFRJ, having as coordinators the professors Claudio Cerqueira Lopes, Rosangela Sabbatini Capella Lopes, it was founded in 22/03/1993, and until now, 25 dissertations and 16 thesis were defended, creating human resources in the areas of Organic Synthesis and Analytical Development.

Through the effort of undergraduate and graduate students associated with researchers from different areas of expertise, has led to   a substantial classes of chemical analytic / synthetic compounds with applications in the scientific, technological and economic field, and thus resulted in a considerable number of scientific publication, and also acquisition of national and international.

We are open to academic and technological partnerships interested in the development of scientific knowledge with the purpose to ensure new methodologies or improve products and services in the fields of:  hospital infections, public security and defense, education, pharmaceutical and agribusiness.

Our mission is to associate knowledge with technology, in the benefit of the Brazilian society, through publications and innovative products.

All agreements to provide technological services are mediated by the Jose Bonifacio (FUJB-UFRJ) University Foundation.

Academic Research & Specialized Services

Academic Production 80%
Strategic Product Development 90%
Specialized Technological Consultancy 70%

In the development of laboratory research activities, we operate in strategic areas of chemistry with innovative contributions with regard to remedy the shortcomings of the Brazilian productive society.

Our mission is to develop innovative products and processes, both for the market and for publication in scientific journals, focusing on improving the social collective.

Our assignments extend from research and analytic / synthetic developing chemicals, targeting the deposit and granting of patents in Brazil and abroad.